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Today television affects not only the economy and politics but also fashion. Experts from Lyst and Pinterest conducted an investigation based on search queries. They identified the characters of the series, whose style was the most popular for platform users, and came to a few results. Based on the results we present you a top selection of 5 TV shows that had a strong impact on fashion in recent years:

“Killing Eve”

The series tells about the relationship between an MI5 agent Eva and a hired killer Villanelle, who has already nicknamed “the most glamorous psychopath”. In the show, she tried on things from Chloe, Dries van Noten and Burberry. Viewers were especially looking after that pink dress from the second season (by Rosie Assoulin). Generally, the searches related to the images from the series increased by 1060%.

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

The second place belongs to Sabrina Spellman in the remake of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”. She made the interest in sweaters go higher by 49% and miniskirts by 35%. Also, thanks to the series the ‘preppy style’ became an issue.

“Big little lies”

“Big little lies” is one of the most successful TV series of this year. Each of the series stars already has a huge number of fans, but for the fashion industry, the most influential is Lora Dern’s character, Renata Klein. Her red dress “Zodiac” by Poland Mouret was the most searched and so iconic.


The “Euphoria” series had a big impact on teen culture. Only a short time after the release, designers didn’t have enough time to recreate dresses in the series style. The makeup scene from “Euphoria” is a serious influence around the internet and the fashion industry.

“Sex education”

The audience fell in love with Eric Fiong from “Sex education” not only for his acting and charm but also for his outfits. His character has also become one of the most influential in the fashion industry over the past year. The young character made thousands of young people recreating his style with all the details.

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