5 Trendy Solution for a Bad Hair Day

how to treat the damaged hair correctly

Have you ever woken up too late and didn’t have the time to do your hair? Or when you fall asleep with your hair wet and wake up with your hair shaped like your pillow? Even if you never experienced any of those two situations, sometimes your hair just has its own free will and cannot be fixed. We know how that a bad hair day can really affect your confidence and the way you feel all throughout the day, which is why we believe there’s a solution for every hair situation.

A bad hair day doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look ridiculous, and there are fun and trendy solutions for every type of outfit and occasion. Here are a few of our personal favorite solution for the next time you wake up with a messy head:

  1. Braids – There are so many options when it comes to braided hairstyles. With the right research, anyone can find the best braided hairstyles that best fit her type of hair and personal style. What we love about braids as a solution for a bad hair day is not only its ability to make you look organized all day but that when you let your hair down it will likely look much better than when you first did your hair in the morning.
  2. Bucket hats – This is one of the strongest trends of the summer. A bucket hat is a perfect solution for a casual summer day when your roots are not in good condition. Wear it with a floral dress or a pair of cute shorts to complete the girly and fun summer look.
  3. Headbands – As seen on Blair Waldorf, headbands are all the rage this summer. This trend will help you pull off a tidy updo without having to work on it all morning. If your job requires a business appearance and looking dignified, a headband is a perfect accessory to add a little chic to your look and solve your messy hair situation along the way.
  4. Micro buns- Embrace your inner Puka with this cheeky hairdo. Micro buns are super fun and totally easy to pull-off, using only two thin rubber bands and some bobby pins.
  5. BandanasThe 90’s fashion is definitely making a comeback, and bandanas are a huge part of this trend. Tie around your head in an old-fashioned way, and choose the appropriate one that makes sure you hide everything you need to hide that day.

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