trendy skirts for summer

It’s hard to imagine a wardrobe of fashionistas without trendy skirts. Leather, denim, pleated, with ruffles and flounces or wrap skirts – all these skirts are among the most actual models of the spring-summer 2020 season.

The Models That Are the Most Relevant

clothing for summer

Wrap skirts are back on podiums again. Designers offer models with deep or medium cuts, fastened with several buttons, or assembled with snaps. This skirt is easy to apply in everyday life, the main thing is to look at the height of the cut. They can be combined with practically anything.

Leather skirts are getting more and more popular. It’s a great option for a chilly summer. Designers experiment with cut, length, and color and offer interesting new combinations – pleated versions, asymmetrical or school uniform-like models.

Denim skirts can compete with your favorite pair of jeans. This spring the designers were particularly fond of denim skirts of unusual cut, with rough edges or in vintage style. Choose the below-knee length and combine it with fancy tops – it is one of the trendiest looks of this summer.

Skirts with air ruffles or cascades of interesting flounces – must-have of romantic girls. These skirts make you want to go on a date, to walk in a blossoming park, and to feel like the heroine of Austen’s novel. Pay attention to bright color models made of unusual materials.

Pleated skirts are relevant not the first season, however, this summer they gain new variations. Now in addition to the classic silk flying skirts, it is fashionable to wear pleated skirts made of non-standard materials. For example, denim or leatherette models will definitely be a winning option.

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