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5 Tips for a Natural Makeup Look

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Summer is already here, and nothing says summer like a natural and light makeup look that goes beautifully with your tan. When you think of it, pulling off a natural makeup look is supposed to be pretty easy: it focuses on minimal layers and basic shades and colors. Only that in reality, creating the “no makeup” look using makeup can be quite challenging, and it requires the right techniques and products.  

In the time of working from home, this beauty trend is here to stay. If you’re anything like me, and executing the perfect makeup look isn’t something you were born knowing how to do, here are a few tips on what you should do to create a successful natural look:

  • Take care of your skin first – natural makeup look is all about using your skin’s natural glow. Before applying any makeup at all, a quick wash and moisturizing will bring out the best in your skin and will turn your face into the perfect canvas for this effortless look.
  • Go light on the foundation – when choosing a base for the look, go with a light product, preferably water-based that provides light to medium coverage. If water-based products aren’t working for your skin or you prefer heavier coverage, use foundation only on your more problematic/pigmented areas.
  • Focus on creams over powders – in order to allow a more blended and smooth look, use cream-based products such as bronzer, highlighter, and blush. If you’re worried about the look not lasting long, use a setting spray or set lightly with a powder bronzer. The ability to better blend creamy products can help you create a believable and natural contour.
  • Know your shades – one extremely important factor of creating a natural makeup look is choosing the right shades that will compliment your skin color and each other. Your makeup will only look natural if the shades are right for your skin and match it.
  • Go easy on the color – using a bit of color is recommended, and will add some life to your look. Nevertheless, when using blush or lipstick, make sure to go with an easy and light color that will blend smoothly with the rest of the face and give a sense of natural and effortless flush.    

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