Street style filled the podiums. Women’s wardrobe is now difficult to imagine without a comfortable hoodie, which, as it turned out, can be combined with almost any type of clothes.

You won’t be wrong if you prefer classic models. In addition, you may take a look at the men’s hoodies. Shortened models resembling crop tops are also relevant.

So how to wear a hoodie so that your look appears unusual, interesting and stylish?

With jacket

hoodie in your wardrobe

Surprisingly, the fact is that hoodies now fit easily even as a business dress code. For example, it may well replace a blouse or any other top that you would normally wear with your jacket. When choosing such a combination, remember: the jacket must be oversize to complete.

With over the Knee Boots

This is one of the most spectacular combinations. Wear a hoodie as a dress; you may use one of the most fashionable accessories of the season – a corset strap, wearing it over. Hoodie becomes a modern version of a dress with this upgrade.

With Jeans

Such a tandem does not need instructions for use. The hoodie looks good with any jeans: short, wide, flared, and boyfriends. To complement this combination you can choose any type of shoes: heels, rough boots, sneakers, or sandals.

With Dress

If you really want to wear a summer dress before the season comes – wear it. Just wear a hoodie on top of it. It is warm, looks beautiful and cheerful. It is definitely one of our favorite off-season experiments.

With Wide-Leg Trousers

An option for those who love oversized and multilayered looks. This combination is the most comfortable for cold spring, and the best addition to it will be sneakers, a baseball cap, and sunglasses. Stylish, fashionable, and youthful.

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