5 Beauty Products We Can’t Live Without

beauty products

In a world of endless beauty brands and products, finding the perfect ones is not an easy task. Sometimes it seems like everyone around us has a firm beauty routine and found all the right products for them, but truth is, we’re all constantly searching for the best and most affordable makeup and cosmetics products, and the possibilities are endless. If you still feel like your makeup counter can use an upgrade, this post is for you.

Throughout the years of using beauty products, we collected a few products that we believe can be useful to every beauty lover out there. Here’s a list of some of our favorite beauty gadgets and products we think you’ll try:

  • NYX Wonder Stick – this amazing product is a two-in-one necessity. On one side of the stick you’ll find a contour cream, and on the other, cream highlighter. Offered in six different shades, this product is all you need to create the perfect contoured look, covering dark spots, and emphasizing your face’s structure. This product, aside from being practical and useful, is also extremely affordable and high quality.
  • Glossier’s Lidstar – this product is everything you need to feel sparkly and glamorous. Glossier’s Lidstar is an easy to apply liquid eye color with a hint of sparkle. The product comes in six different glossy and pigmented shades that have a light feel on your eyelids and lasts all day. The product is extremely high quality, but yet affordable and easy to order on the Glossier website.
  • Mac’s IN Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara – did you know that waterproof mascaras are bad for your lashes? Neither did we until we tried this one. Although it isn’t waterproof, Mac’s mascara is extremely strong and long-lasting, giving your lashes length and volume like no mascara we ever tried before. We admit, this is not the cheapest product on our makeup counter, but the high quality and the large quantity makes it worth the occasional money spend. 
  • The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 – The Ordinary is one of our favorite beauty brands, providing science-based products at an extremely affordable price. Their Hyaluronic acid is a product for every skin type and was meant to give your skin a lively, glowy, and young look. Trust us, it works.  
  • Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits – we never had a stronger and more long-lasting lip product than this one. Kylie’s lip kits come in dozens of matt shades that will literally stay on your lips for hours and hours. The lip liner and liquid lipstick in the kit will help you to create the perfect shape on your lips.

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