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Jeans should be in every woman’s wardrobe. In the perfect scenario, you must have a great number of variations of looks with denim clothing. This year designers have decided not to offer us just straight blue jeans and classic cotton jackets. We will tell you about four major summer trends so that you can diversify your style and create some new everyday looks.

Denim Dresses

denim - back in trend

For a long time, we left dresses from denim to girls of school age and thought that this trend of zero’s does not suit serious modern fashionable women. The designers have their own opinion on this issue. You can find both midi dresses with plissé skirts and short naive dresses for hot summer in spring-summer collections

Bermuda Summer Shorts

Last summer everyone was wearing cycling shorts, now it is time for long loose denim shorts. A relaxed silhouette with a high waist will be especially relevant for all those who have forgotten about physical activity during a long quarantine.

Tie-Dye Jeans

denim jeans

Have you already experimented on quarantine with the technique of applying paint to the fabric – tie-dye? If you do not want to create a fancy blur on your favorite clothing, it is time to get a jumpsuit, dress, shirt, or jacket from tie-dye denim.

Denim Culottes

After the winter boom of culottes popularity, it is not surprising they are still popular in summer. Soon the most fashionable girls will wear wide-legged jeans with length below the knee. It will be a great alternative to slightly more «sloppy» Bermuda shorts.

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