Billie Eilish Looks: From Gucci Monochromatic Sets to Anime Printed Pants

25 Memorable Billie Eilish Outfits: See How Pop Singer Breaks the Fashion Rules

Billie Eilish became famous not only for her amazing songs but for her incredible and bold fashion choices. 20 years old singer started her career a few years ago and already has made her style a trademark and still continuing to amaze everyone. How? Let’s talk about it.

So What about Billie Eilish Style?

“Life is too short to be boring”, — this quote must be the favorite one for Billie Eilish. She is known for her unique way of bold, colorful, and outstanding dressing. It is easier to say what she didn’t wear than list all of her fashion moments. From monochromatic outfits to cartoon prints: Billie has spotted in just everything. 

Billie Eilish about Her Appearance

Actually, there is a reason why Billie chooses clothes in such a specific way. She joined Calvin Klein’s campaign named “I Speak The Truth In #MyCalvins” which covered the topic of authenticity. The singer went deep about her personal struggles. Billie explained: “I never want the world to know everything about me… I mean, that’s why I wear big, baggy clothes. Nobody can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath.” It means that Billie Eilish’s looks are the result of her not being sexualized or judged. 

But that’s not all. Billie spoke up about her style a few times before. For example, in 2017 a pop star declared it as “pretty weird.” in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. We won’t disagree about that. She also said that she liked to go out of her comfort zone by wearing such outfits. 

Earlier, in January 2019 we find out how the experience of being a female artist affects Billie Eilish’s fashion decisions. “There are people out there saying, ‘Dress like a girl for once! Wear tight clothes you’d be much prettier and your career would be so much better!’ No, it wouldn’t. It literally would not.” she told NME

25 Inspiring Outfits

billie eilish bilboard outfit
  • Real fashion statement at the Billboard Music Awards. Army-green-and-floral satin oversized button-up blouse and trousers, a bucket hat, and a face mask — all by Gucci. Fingerless gloves and matching manicure. Should we say anything more?
skoot apparel billie eilish outfit
  • Billie Eilish in short shorts and a baggy cardigan in her new music video Therefore I Am. All outfit is custom-made by Skoot Apparel.
urban outfitters billie eilish
  • Surprisingly, Billie Eilish in “normal clothes”. Sometimes we all need a break from colors. Grey hoodie and joggers from Engineered, custom-made Etai Drori face mask and, as usual, Air Jordan’s.
billboard magazine cover billie eilish outfit
  • Casual and, of course, oversized outfit for Billboard Magazine cover. Billie Eilish in pants from nYc VIBEZ, Acne Studios sweater, and sneakers from Air Jordan collaboration with Travis Scott: 90s vibes without a doubt.
neon green hoodie paired with nYC VIBEZ sweatpants billie eilish outfit
  • Billie Eilish green outfit in work! No words, just hoodie paired with nYC VIBEZ sweatpants and Moon Boot boots.
burberry billie eilish outfit
  • It is the 2020 BRIT Awards 2020 and Billie Eilish looks like a stylish rich mom. Burberry coat, socks, and low-top sneakers and jewelry by Tiffany: no mockery, just appreciation.  
orange billie eilish outfit
  • Another bold choice in Eilish’s wardrobe — orange color. From neon orange glasses all the way to the orange detailed high-top Air Force Ones, Billie totally picked everything right. The shirt is customized by problem 6oy and the pants are from WHO DECIDES WAR.
gucci basketball purse billie eilish outfit
  • Matching clothes rules are already forgotten, why we should follow them? Basketball purse and ensemble covered with GG-logo, socks, and all accessories by Gucci. 
neon head-to-toe billie eilish outfit
  • Neon green head-to-toe outfit: green slime tee, sweat shorts, socks from her own merch,  Fashion Criminal baklava, and Air Jordan sneakers. Monochrome never looked such lit.  
billie eilish outfit
  • Let’s appreciate Billie Eilish outfit ideas for performances: long-sleeve shirt and pants from 99%IS and Under Armour x ASAP Rocky sneakers.
yellow neon billie eilish outfit
  • Once again neon: t-shirt from her merch, Joyrich Cargo Pants, a DuragDev hoodie, a Prada sunglasses, rings all by Heart of Bone with Off-White x Nike sneakers
grazia magazine china billie eilish outfit
  • Billie Eilish in Gucci clothes for September issue of Grazia Magazine China. Striped shirt, bowling shirt, wool trousers, and strawberry sneakers give some “Mamma Mia” mood. 
sailor moon set billie eilish outfit
  • The power of the moon makes us fell in love with this custom-made Sailor Moon Set by slumpykev. 
gucci navy silk pajamas billie eilish outfit
  • Cozy Gucci silk pajamas or Billie Eilish costume for another big event? Who knows. A custom blue-and-silver set painted with the brand’s classic GG logo and featured floral sequins and Swarovski crystals.
blossom, bubbles, buttercup billie eilish outfit
  • Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup not only on your screens but on Billie Eilish’s clothing. Iconic outfit for the red carpet: custom-made (yes, again) suit by slumpykev, white button-up shirt, a Gucci messenger bag, and white Privé Revaux sunglasses. 
bonnet-style hat billie eilish
  • Billie’s shining bonnet-style hat was mentioned in every fashion magazine after the 2019 American Music Awards. Traditional Burberry plaid and sequins did their work.
chanel music awards billie eilish outfit
  • Another badass look for Oscar. Ivory Chanel jacket embellished with Chanel monogram brooches, glamorous, fingerless gloves, and super long black nails.
coachella billie eilish outfit
  • Head-turning matching of neon green T-shirt, Louis Vuitton logo-printed leather vest, and navy blue fur pants for Coachella. Billie Eilish will stop at nothing to be on the most outstanding in her style of clothing. Even if it 90 degrees heat outside.
tapestry billie eilish outfit
  • Even wearing a print that kinda reminds us about grandma’s old couch, Billie still staying a fashion icon. Yellow sunglasses and baggy suit with Gucci sneakers encrusted crystals once again made Billie-style clothing unforgettable.
louis vuitton logo-print billie eilish outfit
  • One of the most popular Billie Eilish outfits is a whole head-to-toe set in a Louis Vuitton logo-print look by designer Tsuwoop that included a bucket hat, a balaclava, a long-sleeve shirt, and pants.
baggy billie eilish outfit
  • The baggier clothes, the coolest outfit. Check this huge orange custom hoodie with sleeves spreading down to the knees to ensure. 
chanel neon green t-shirt billie eilish
  • One more time Chanel, one more time neon green! Customized green tee and black pants with an insane amount of jewelry around the neck give off casual but extremely powerful energy. 
gucci scarf billie eilish outfit
  • Work-from-home looks but makes it Gucci. A custom-made pant by Left Hand Los Angeles again reveals her love for anime and the Gucci scarf become a fashionable blanket. 
e-girl billie eilish outfit
  • In 2021 Billie Eilish dress like an e-girl. At least once she did it by layering a hoodie from her new merch over a plaid skirt from Current Mood and IHEARTRAVES leg garters. 
total green outfit billie eilish
  • Billie Eilish in pants and sweatshirt by The Incorporated. Green and warm look sealed off with Gucci sneakers.

How to Style Clothes like Billie Eilish 

There are some special features that describe Billie Eilish’s style in general. You can use these characteristics to choose outfits similar to her.

  • Baggy, puffy, and oversized  clothes
  • Neon colors, especially slime green
  • Chunky shoes
  • Monochromatic looks, mainly logo-printed sets.
  • Air Jordan’s
  • Customized clothes
  • Massive jewelry
  • Big and trendy sunglasses
  • Bucket hats
  • Cartoon prints

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