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15 of the Best Watch Brands for Women That Are Sophisticated Timeless

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Stylish watches are always in fashion. With the best watches for women bringing a subtle sophistication and class to those who wear them. Whether you desire a large, chunky bold watch or a more delicate, elegant piece the world of beautiful watches for women definitely has the perfect time teller for everyone.

With such a vast array of watches to choose from it can be hard to decide on the right watch for you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 women’s luxury watch brands so you can browse and decide for yourself which watch works for you!

Here Are Our Top 15 of the Best Watch Brands for Women


top women's watch brands list

As one of the top leading women watch brands on the market, this Swiss-made timeless brand has one of the most gorgeous collections out there. Their eye for perfectly balanced chromatics and top of the range designs leave Rolex vying for THE top watch brand for women.


Fossil creates super stylish watches for women, often bringing in new collections that are flowing with the styles of the times. Their rose gold collection is a particular favorite, giving off all those strong feminine vibes.


Timex is one of those brands designing incredibly trendy watches for women. They have a wonderfully refined digital watch selection that merges sophistication and ease.


Casio is one of the best ladies watch brands available right now. Their super chic digital watches and uber elegant analog wrist clocks have been wowing the industry for years. With an incredibly high reputation to live up to, we’re surprised they haven’t been disappointed yet! (And trust us, they haven’t!).


Vitae have bagged a spot on our top women’s watch brands list because of their knack for bold contrasting colors. These in your face designs are eye-catching and stunning to look at.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors are well known for various designer clothing items and amongst that, they are definitely one of the best women watch brands going. The luxury that can be expected from all Michael Kors products is absolutely prevalent in their women’s watches as well.


stylish watches for women

Swatch is a classic, fun, and quirky designer watch brand for women. With bright, colorful straps and vibrant clock faces. Swatch is the go-to brand for all those looking for a pop of color to brighten up their outfits.


This South Florida based company is paving the way for a new future in accessories. With all their material responsibly sourced these unique, eco-friendly watches help you connect to and protect the Earth and still look amazing!


Young women designer watch brand Breda is a family run business celebrating expression and independence through their minimalist designs. These subtle timepieces are made to live through memories and as Breda put it ‘collect stories’, so you know that these exquisite designs are an investment that will last a lifetime.


Montblanc watches can be a bold statement, these chunky retro watches can definitely steal the show. Their intricate designs are a feast for your eyes and with an abundance of collections, Montblanc is universally celebrated.


With more than 200 years of this women’s luxury watch brand, they have really managed to refine their style. Chaumet watches are delicate and beautifully crafted with complex designs that are just dazzling to behold.


Bulgari is a versatile brand creating everything from bags to fragrances and women’s watches galore! Their inventive women’s watch designs are perfect for anyone looking outside the box for a new elegant timepiece and make Bulgari one of the best ladies’ watch brands on the market.


women's luxury watches brands

If you’re looking for the best designer watches brand for women to satisfy your everyday needs, Rado is perfect. Their wide range of materials really does mean you can find the ideal watch design for you. And if you’re not sure what you’re into, browsing their collections is a great way to see what’s out there and which classic designs take your fancy.

Vivienne Westwood

Punk fashion watch designs can be incredibly understated. Vivienne Westwood’s stunning women’s designer watches pay incredible attention to detail, showcasing the brand’s personality excellently. So if you’re searching for that head-turning wristwear, look no further!

Armani Exchange

beautiful watches for womens

Armani Exchange watch designs are so diverse you’d be forgiven for not recognizing the brand at first glance. From delicate square clock faces to chunky silicone straps, these something-for-everyone designs will definitely leave you satisfied. The best part- Armani Exchange timepieces won’t make a massive dent in your bank account either!

We all know that the right watch can accentuate your outfit perfectly. Sometimes we may find ourselves looking in a mirror and questioning what’s missing from our awesome get-up. The answer can be something as simple as the right watch. And with these popular women’s watches creating a storm in the world of accessories, you’ll never think twice about adorning your wrist again!

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