10 of the Top Designer Brands to Check Out This Fall

top popular clothing brands

With famous designer brands pulling out all the stops this Fall to provide a chic, Autumnal outfits fit for any occasion, it’s hard to know where to look for your next fashion fix. The abundance of options out there can sometimes be overwhelming, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most popular designer brands to look out for this Fall.

Top designers labels are well known for setting the trends that other brands then follow. They are the go-to for many celebrities and will have you scrambling for your credit card in a heartbeat to join the throng of people wearing some of the best designer brands on the market right now.

Top designer brands are great at mixing up their collection at the start of each season and with this designer brands list, you can search for the perfect getup to add to your wardrobe this Fall.


Mango is a Spanish-founded clothing brand that is one of the biggest designer brands out there. They have stores all over the world and cater to everyone. Their new Fall collection is packed full of comfy sweaters, wool coats, and knitted dresses. Preparing you for any situation that may arise this Fall. Like other popular designer brands, Mango is taking the stay at home chic look to the extreme with some of the classiest, coziest outfits available online.


top fashion clothing brands

Levi’s are well-known for their high-end denim jean collections. But few people are aware that this top designer brand has its own sustainable clothing collection. Shopping in a more ethical way is becoming ever more important, so check out their top of the line sustainable range online.


top designer labels

Lululemon may seem like the odd brand out on this list of the best designer clothing brands, but don’t let their focus on activewear sway you. Their new collections for both women and men are oozing autumnal colors. With exercising at home or outdoors rising in popularity, treating yourself to a new workout outfit is a great way to boost your motivation and get those endorphins flowing.


As one of the biggest designer brands in the industry, it will come as no surprise to see Gucci on this list of top luxury clothing brands. Their 2020 Fall collection wowed the runway at Milan Fashion Week, with big, bold colors and quirky pairings anyone can pull off.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is an English designer well-known for her eco-friendly, vegan approach to designer fashion. With new-in collections of unisex Autumnal wear suitable for the office and for your day to day life, these slightly pricey pieces are definitely worth the extra spend.

Saint Laurent

As one of the top popular clothing brands available, Saint Laurent can always be relied on to dazzle with their extravagant collections. This Fall/Winter is no different. With slick leather dresses, cashmere coats and accessories stylish enough to be an outfit on their own, we highly recommend splashing out on that perfect party piece.


British born fashion brand Burberry has always focussed on high-end luxury clothing robust enough to brave the British weather. Their Autumn/Winter 2020 runway looks did not fail to deliver. With a wide range of gorgeous coats, Burberry is our go-to for that luxury outer layer.


Valentino’s new arrivals may just surprise you. With colors and designs less associated with the coming seasons, you’d be forgiven for mistaking them for Summer wear. As one of the top clothing designers in the industry, we have no qualms with Valentino’s Bluegrace Collection.


Balenciaga has a reputation for providing extremely high standards and as one of the top designer brands, revered by other famous designer brands, living up to that reputation can get difficult. This Fall/Winter we are certainly not disappointed. With striking silhouettes and almost futuristic designs, Balenciaga is a force to be reckoned with.


most popular fashion designer

With Armani’s New Normal collection cooking up a storm, this is definitely one of the best designer brands available. Minimalist, neutral tones are giving us all the feels. This collection really encompasses all of our days today fashion needs, with products ranging from cashmere-and-silk knit joggers to a jacquard pinstripe dress. We’re sure you can find exactly the right top designer outfit for you on Armani’s online store.

Ok, we lied. With so many incredible top luxury clothing brands out there we couldn’t just choose 10. Our extra addition is a new name in the fashion world and we just couldn’t miss this opportunity to shout about this stunning Fall collection.

Kenneth Ize

At number 11 on our top designer brands list, Kenneth Ize is definitely the dark horse in this prestigious list. Featured in Vogue, this upcoming designer has reached top designer label status simply because of the sheer beauty in each of the pieces. Kenneth Ize’s 2020 Fall collection is a celebration of color and culture using traditional Nigerian fabric known as Asoke. This luxury clothing designer is absolutely one to watch!

These 11 top fashion clothing brands and popular designers are just the cherries on top of the icing on a very large fashion-forward cake. Yes, they may put a dent in your bank balance, but with clothes to die for – dripping in luxury – choosing one or two of your favorite pieces can definitely be worth it.

So find your favorite most popular fashion designer, browse their collections and watch the compliments pour in as you show off your new luxury items.

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